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Mother and Baby Yoga Group

As a mother, I understand the importance of having supportive 'mum friends' who are in the same stages of parenting.  Some of my best friends to this day (my daughter is now 7) are the ones I met at baby groups.  During this pandemic we have all struggled in our own ways and there are many things we cannot control.  But having a baby and missing out on that community IS something I can control which is why I am so excited to launch our first (online for now) Mother and Baby Yoga Group.  This will be a safe place for you and your baby to connect through yoga, breath and meditation.  We will also do our utmost to create a sense of community by creating space and opportunity for connection between mums.  

Danielle, who will be our group facilitator, will guide you gently through the class and will support you and your baby at all times.

Please email us at for any enquiries.

I hope you enjoy your new group,

Much love,


We love ALL Mum's and feel that we are all SUPERHEROES.  Sometimes we need reminding of this fact and so we have created beautiful affirmation cards especially for Mum's.  These are free to download and we invite you to print them, stick them in your journal or on your mirror.  Why not pass them onto your dearest superhero Mum friends too and share the love.  Much love xx
Affirmation 1
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