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Yogi Minds is a curriculum that each week embeds

resilience, mindfulness and yoga and covers:

· Introduction on mindfulness and how to use this in school life

· Breathing techniques and guided meditation

· Cultivating the gratitude attitude and positive affirmations

· Yoga poses and flows ideal for stress relief

· The importance of a positive body image and positive role models

· How stress affects us and how do we cope.

· Healthy mind and healthy body

· Exam stress and techniques to deal with these emotions


Testimonial- Lytham C of E Primary School
My Year 5 class have had a programme of Yoga and Mindfulness which we booked on to due to the stressful nature of life today and for helping our children to build resilience and a positive mindset towards learning and school life. The children have absolutely loved the sessions and this is certainly something that I, as class teacher, have embraced also. I will certainly use these strategies on a daily basis in order to encourage the children to build this in to their everyday lives. There was a very good balance of yoga, mindfulness and meditation with a range of skills which were built upon each session. The children were engaged from the start and the strategies have already started to be replicated in to the daily routines of the school day.
We look forward to seeing this in effect with our other year groups through school and we will definitely be booking further sessions.

Natalina Bailey (Year 5 class teacher and Head of Key Stage 2)

the yogi group yoga pose childrens school warrior
the yogi group yoga pose childrens school seated

Key Stage 2 - Yogi Minds

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