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The Yogi Group in Schools

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The Yogi Group has funding for a Movement and Mental Health initiative from the local NHS for the academic year 23/24 for over 400 schools.

This service will be provided FREE of charge to the school.

The Initiative: Pupil Mental Health Days in Primary schools:

The Yogi Group, supported and paid for by the local mental health NHS teams will work with children to give them specific skills to help improve mental wellness, including anxiety-relieving techniques, breathing techniques and mindful movement. We will work with every child in the school and every teacher in the school, leaving the school and the teachers with a pack of supporting resources to carry on learning and a feedback form to return to The Yogi Group to measure impact.

A qualified member of our teaching team will be in school for the full day working alongside both key stages. We may have allocated your school for more than one day depending on the number of pupils.

We will cover the following:

Key Stage 1

- Guided meditation

- Breathing techniques

- Fun and inspiring movement stories

- Resilience and mindfulness activities

- Positive affirmation circles

- Healthy habits

Key Stage 2

- Introduction to mindful movement and mindfulness and how to use this in school life

- Breathing techniques and guided meditation

- Positive affirmations

- Resilience activities

- Movement poses ideal for stress relief

- Exam stress and techniques to deal with these emotions

- Healthy habits.


Our approach is tailored to suit different ages, aiming to create a positive and nurturing environment where students can learn and thrive.


Through our initiatives, we aim to instill valuable life skills, foster resilience, and support the overall well-being of students within the school setting.

We create a timetable that works best with your school day to facilitate these classes.

There are no religious references or teachings within our sessions; our aim is to provide pupils and staff with techniques they can use to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 

If you would like any further information and to arrange a date for your booking, please email

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