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Key Stage 1 - Little Yogis


Little Yogis is yoga for children delivered by story in a FUN way.


A combination of calm meditation, breathing techniques, positive affirmations and yoga through an adventure story which is delivered in a creative, uplifting,  non-competitive, way for children to build strength, spirit, resilience and self-esteem.  


Our aim is to deliver a programme that opens up a child's imagination and helps to develop children emotionally and physically, improve their concentration,

listening skills, resilience and social interaction. 

In an ever increasing fast paced environment for children, it is important for them to
release anxieties, helping them deal with mental health issues and learn to solve
problems. Our classes are imaginative, dynamic and inspiring, whether is it through
adventures with a magical pixie, a zoom to the moon or a dive to the bottom

of the deep blue sea. 


Each story has a positive message in its delivery, and they cover issues
affecting the day to day lives of children.

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