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Do we need to pay for these sessions?

The Yogi Group has funding from the local NHS CCG, which means over 400 schools can access a fully funded mental health day delivered by us.  There is no charge for this. 


If your school does not fall under the local NHS CCG or would like additional sessions, please get in touch.

What do you need us to provide?

We will send a qualified teacher to work with every class and teacher.  We ask for use of the school hall and gym mats, if possible, and for children to be in PE kits for their own comfort.  We will provide everything else and your staff and students are free to enjoy the sessions.

How many funded days is our school entitled to?

The number of funded days your school is entitled to is dependent on the number of pupils you have.  For example, if you are a two-form entry school, you can access two fully funded days, which enables us to see every student.

We are a church school, are we still able to participate?

There are no religious references or teachings within this initiative; our aim is to provide pupils and staff with techniques they can use to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. 


We work with lots of church schools, so we understand there can be conflicts, but we deliberately steer clear of any religious references within our classes. Instead, our sessions are designed to center on the universal principles of mental health—breath, movement, mindfulness, and relaxation. We emphasise the holistic benefits of movement and mindfulness, aiming to create an inclusive and welcoming space where individuals from all backgrounds can participate and benefit. We focus on the key messages being forgiveness, honesty, respect and friendship, which align with many church schools.

Yogi Group yoga pose school childrens yoga warrior
Yogi Group yoga pose school childrens yoga seated

Questions from Schools

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