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5 years ago, in the heart of Lancashire, I was teaching children's yoga part-time after having my little girl Penny.  At the time I was also working as an English lecturer in a College but saw a need for increased support of young people's mental health and wanted to do more.  With my creative background as a lecturer and my yoga qualifications, I started writing creative yoga stories which would integrate well with the school curriculum. 





















Fast forward 5 years, and with a lot of support and guidance from Mark (now the Financial Director), The Yogi Group is a thriving Community Interest Company teaching yoga and mindfulness in over 150 schools across Lancashire!  We have also developed a range of resources including our wonderful Yoga Activity cards and Resilience bundles for children and teenagers.  Our team has also steadily grown to include 5 incredible teachers and a business support manager.  

My vision and reason for the business is intertwined.  I fully believe that everyone, regardless of age, thrives if we nurture and support each other and I want The Yogi Group to help as many young people as we possibly can, giving them tools that I wish I had been taught as a young girl to manage anxieties and stress.  I see how they help my daughter Penny and I am so proud that she is going to grow up with a yoga and mindfulness toolkit to lean on in this busy world.   


I am delighted with the work we do in Lancashire, where I have lived all my life and where I share my life with my husband James, my little girl Penny and our cat Oakley.     Over the years, The Yogi Group has developed a wide portfolio of products and services all centred around our founding and guiding activities and principles namely: Yoga, physical and emotional wellbeing, fun, positivity, kindness, mindfulness and resilience.


We make yoga, resilience and mindfulness fun and relatable for young people of all ages. We spark imagination and creativity in children and teens while incorporating recognised Yoga postures.

We teach yoga adventures, meditations, breathing exercises and activities which encourage confidence, strength, balance and flexibility, introducing young people to yoga and mindfulness from an early age.

We want to give young people the tools to be able to manage emotions and anxieties and learn to be calm and clear their mind to improve their physical and mental well being.


Yoga, Resilience and Mindfulness in Schools


Building and maintaining resilience is important at every stage of our lives, but no more so than when we are young.  Here at The Yogi Group, we are passionate about providing children and young people with a toolkit to become the best they can be; the best version of themselves.

Resilience def: The capacity to recover quickly from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity

If you would like more information on how The Yogi Group might be able to support your school, organisation or community, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


With Love,



Creative Director 

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