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Little Yogis KS1

At the Yogi group we work with both children and adults in schools and throughout the wider community. Collectively our teachers have years of experience delivering many different Yoga sessions and connected activities

all of which promote physical and emotional wellbeing, mindfulness and resilience in children and adults. All our scripts and lesson plans are written

in house and are bespoke for schools, inspired by children.


We tailor our unique Yogi stories in a way that enables us to connect the class specifically to children real life scenario giving them positive processes to handle them in the future. Our passion is to help our next generation become more resilient and teach them tools to manage their physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.



· Enhance emotional intelligence

· Improve balance, agility and flexibility

· Build self esteem

· Improve focus and concentration

· Improve ability to self regulate behaviour

· Develop resilience skills

· Develop problem solving skills 

· Reduce anxiety and stress

· Improve sleep

· Improve academic performance

Benefits of our Yogi Programmes

Yogi Group yoga pose school childrens yoga airplane
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