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What's included in
Yogi Blossoms?

A peek at Yogi Blossoms

A peek at Yogi Blossoms

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Squeaky the Squireel Yoga Pose Star

Yogi Blossoms is a year long program, broken into 3 main parts and includes
a year-long subscription to:

Yogi Sessions:

  • Six yoga and movement story videos

  • Breathing technique video for calming and focus

  • Five meditation videos to follow

  • Safety information and videos

  • Staff training

  • Supporting emotion and movement printable resources

  • Yoga poses cards

  • Online and call support with The Yogi Group

Yogi Time Stories

  • A series of unique online audio-recorded story books based on our universal values of kindness and love, designed to teach children techniques to deal with worry, disappointment, sadness and lonliness.

  • Supporting activities relating to each story for adults to
    complete with

Adult Wellness

  • Pre-recorded Adult Wellness Sessions designed to improve mindfulness and body-mind connection, boost morale and reduce stress levels amongst those who look after children

  • Printable resources to support adult wellness


Throughout the program, children will follow Squeaky the Squirrel and Hilary the Hedgehog in fun and engaging stories, designed to allow children to role-play and develop their posture, strength, balance, coordination and confidence.


The subscription provides one full year's access to the program, as well as additional support from The Yogi Group throughout the subscription.

Hilary the hedgehog Airplane yoga pose

For more information, get in touch below:

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