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Whether you're a nursery, school, childminders or a home-educator, Yogi Blossoms is for you.  The sessions and resources are tailored to children aged between 2 and 7 years old, and the adult wellness package is suitable for everyone.

By signing up to Yogi Blossoms, you are providing your children with a year's worth of yoga, mindfulness and resilience training.

The subscription provides one full year's access to the program, as well as additional support from The Yogi Group throughout the subscription.  Prices exclude VAT.

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The Yogi Blossoms programme can be accessed online from The Yogi Group website.

Once you have created a login and subscribed to a yealry or monthly plan, you'll have access to our exclusive members' area, where you can access all the Yogi Blossoms content for both children and staff.

Yogi Blossoms has been carefully designed to link with the National Curriculum Framework for EYFS and KS1, so by running our sessions and using the resources, you are helping your children achieve their goals.

Use the children's resources to help children improve their literacy, numeracy and mark making skills, as well as helping them develop their social and emotional literacy.

For more information, get in touch below:

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